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Rana Harake

Licensed Style Coach™ Provider, Certified Style Coach ™, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Theta Healer®, Certified Pranic Healer, Graphic designer, and Founder of the Mind And Style Coaching Center.

Back in the school days, I used to draw outfits when bored in class and daydream of saving the world. I shifted away from those dreams when I studied graphic design and pursued my career in the field.

Nevertheless, those dreams never seized to exist and the day came when I decided NOT to overlook them anymore. Style Coaching™ was the starting point! I believe Style Coaching™ was the CATALYST for a new beginning, a new career, a new mindset and simply a new me. “I’ve been rocketing ever since and there’s no stopping me!”

I struggled with depression in my childhood and early adult years, but I was determined to overcome depression and indeed I did! That gave me more incentive to help others and show them the positive way of life.

My never-ending curiosity to evolve, along with my passion to give my clients the best help, led me to study Theta Healing®, Hypnotherapy and Pranic Healing.

Today I utilize all of these techniques in my practice to help people look and feel their best. I believe everyone is beautiful inside out, but some people do not know how to show their beauty. This is why I passionately help people become effortlessly stylish & comfortable in their own skin.

Because Style CoachingTM was such a LIFE-CHANGING experience for me, I aspired to spread this knowledge in my region, so today I train Style CoachingTM in the Middle East and I do my small part in making the world a prettier and happier place.

In 2017, I started a humanitarian project called “Makeovers With a Cause”, where I give people “Life Makeovers”. The Candidates for the project are people who are in a dire need of help. I tackle everything relating to their inner self and external appearance, and I fulfil their dream.

The Center

At Mind & Style Coaching Center, we incorporate Style CoachingTM, Hypnotherapy and the Theta Healing® technique to bring to our clients a total sense of well-being when it comes to the way they look and the way they see themselves.

Whether we like it or not we live in an age where appearances have become crucial in the work and social place. Good appearances might just get you the job or the date and vice versa. The Mind & Style Coaching Center specializes in helping people look “THE LOOK”. We offer custom-made tutorials for our clients, coaching them to dress for their shape, to wear the right colors in terms of clothes, makeup and hair. We teach them what suits their face shape in terms of haircuts, makeup and sunglasses. We take care of their look from top to bottom, tackling the smallest and biggest aspects of it. We also have a network of specialists in various fields to help optimize the image of our clients. Our network includes Hair stylists, Makeup artists, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Dermatologists, Beauticians, Laser centers, Plastic surgeons, Dentists, Speech therapists and many more.

…But what’s beauty without happiness?!

When people are unable to see their inner beauty, they can never see their outer beauty either so no matter how much we beautify a person’s outer image; they will never see themselves as beautiful. This is why at Mind & Style Coaching Center we are keen on working on a person’s self image along with their outer image.

Nevertheless, we have clients who visit us just to get therapy and healing and others who want simply styling, this is why we cater our services for every person’s needs.

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